Peering into the Inner Self through Travel Tumbler Colors - A Psychological Game



In this blog, I would like to share a color psychology game with you inspired by the field of color psychology. Color psychology studies the impact of colors on human emotions, behavior, and psychological states. It explores the effects and influences of different colors on people's psychology and emotions. Although the psychological impact of colors can vary due to personal experiences, cultural differences, and individual variations, some colors have universally associated emotions among most people.

Exploring Personalities Through Five Colors

Since the AHA TOGO ceramic travel tumbler comes in five different colors, let's take a look at which color you might like and the personality traits associated with it.


Individuals who like amber-colored tumbler designs are generally gentle and calm, giving a warm and comfortable feeling. They may have stable emotions and enjoy harmonious environments and close relationships.

Amber travel tumbler

Milk tea

People who like chestnut brown tumbler designs typically display confidence, resilience, and stability. They may have an adventurous spirit and value stability and security.

Milk tea travel tumbler

Stone gray

Individuals who like gray-blue tumbler designs often possess a calm, rational, and thoughtful personality. They may enjoy independent thinking and analyzing problems, emphasizing logic and coherence.

Stone gray travel tumbler

Peachy pink

Those who like pink tumbler designs generally exhibit a gentle, romantic, and friendly personality. They may be attentive to others' emotional needs and enjoy creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

Pink travel tumbler

Pistachio green

People who prefer pistachio green tumbler designs may have a vibrant, optimistic, and positive personality. They may embrace adventure and novelty, and they are often creative and confident.

Pistachio green travel tumbler

Interactive Zone

What is your personality like? Which color of the travel tumbler would you choose? What about your family and friends? Which color would suit them better? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

*Of course, this is just a little game, so don't take it too seriously. There are individual differences, and we are all unique in our own ways.

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