Our Story

Our Unbreakable Bond

Tian and I, despite attending different high schools, formed a bond in our adolescence that has withstood the test of time and distance. Our shared passion for Eastern culture and craftsmanship kept us connected, even as Tian pursued her Bachelor's degree in America and I explored China, seeking talented artisans and embracing the ancient rhythms of Eastern culture.

Our bond was symbolized by Moon, the stray cat Tian had rescued in Shanghai and who had come to live with me in Beijing. Moon was a testament to the power of connection, a reminder of the passions and values that linked us together.

This shared passion led us to found Oriental Design&Gift, a platform to share the beauty of East Asian culture and craftsmanship. The journey was challenging, but our companionship provided solace even in the face of adversity. Our bond remains unbreakable, a source of inspiration through good times and bad.

Tian's Journey

My passion for Chinese calligraphy and paintings was kindled at a young age, when my grandmother tutored me. The gift of a set of calligraphy brushes and ink stones from my grandmother became a cherished possession. The awe I felt watching a calligraphy master at a Chinese painting exhibition when I was twelve cemented my fascination with the art form.

Yichen's Exploration

My fascination with Chinese culture began with learning traditional Chinese medicine from my grandfather. His teachings drew me towards the unique and holistic approach of this ancient practice. My interest extended to pottery when I saw my grandfather's handmade creations. His work fascinated me, and I spent my summers learning from him. One summer, he took me to a traditional tea-making workshop, where I was captivated by the skillful artisans crafting exquisite teaware.

Our story is a testament to our shared passion for Eastern culture and craftsmanship, and we look forward to sharing this passion with you through Oriental Design&Gift.

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